Shiroakai is a fictional, unrealistic-colored cat in a series called The Cats of the Seven Tribes. He is also the
leader of Moon Tribe.


Shiroakai is usually mistaken as emotionless, but in fact is just very calm and mature. He is very loyal to his friends and will do nearly anything they say, as long as it is not evil, of course. He hates any evil.


Shiroakai's main pelt color is a dark gray. He has three bangs on his head, somewhat covering his right eye. They are in three parts. One is black, one is white and one is red. He has red eyes, with dark red pupils instead of completely black due to him being somewhat blind. Next to his eye he has red, black and white. He has three tails, one is black, one is red and one is white. He has black inner ears.


Like all the other characters, Shiroakai is stronger than the average cat. But due to his small blindness, he tends to miss his hits a lot. He also has psychokenisis and floating abilities.


  • Shiroakai's name is a combination of the japanese words "Shiro" and "Akai", which are the japanese words for "White" and "Red".