Cyanglow is a fictional, unrealistic-colored cat, who is the main character of a series called The Cats of the
Seven Tribes. She is also the leader of Crystal Tribe.


Cyanglow mostly focuses on gathering the crystals to stop Gold from ruling the world. Thinking simple-mindedly, she often isn't too interesting of a character, and is often known as the character who creates most of the drama in the plot. But sometimes, she's not just focusing on stopping Gold - she can also act rather friendly, mellow and loyal.


Cyanglow's main pelt color is a darkish blue. The inside of her ears are a cyan color. She has three cyan-colored dots around her eyes. She has a large diamond-shaped marking on her forehead. She has a large, fluffy tail, with cyan-colored stripes on it, slightly zig-zaggy. She has a fluffy chest, with cyan-colored dots on the ends. She has cyan-colored mittens. She has cyan-colored eyes. On the sides of her legs, she has small cyan-colored dots dotted along in a line.


Cyanglow is, along with all the other characters, stronger than the average cat. However, she has the 2nd least strength out of all the characters. She bares powers of the crystals - she has a connection with them, and was made to be the guardian of them. She can make them float, she can sense where they are, if someone else is doing something with them etc. If all the crystals get destroyed, she dies along with them. Her markings also glow in the dark.